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Why are black owned products always twice as expensive? You tell me to buy black and then you make it so black people can’t afford the damn products!


Like wtf?

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Tessa’s had her little floral shack in the backyard for awhile now and it’s been pretty successful. I was going to demolish it because their lot runs slow but… I can’t. It’s too cute. :( 


The relevant question is not how much a CEO contributes to the company. That is not how economics works. After all, how much does the firefighter contribute who rescues three kids from a burning house? We don’t pay our hero firefighters multimillion dollar salaries. We pay firefighters on the basis of how much it costs to hire another firefighter who can also do the job.

The question is how much does the CEO contribute compared with the next person in line for the job? Given the experience of large corporations in other countries, there is every reason to believe that there are lots of next people who could do the job as well or better and for much less.


Opinion: Time to rein in grossly overpaid CEOs: Company directors need to be held more accountable (via aljazeeraamerica)